What Would you do With a Million £?

June 29, 2018 Posted in Gambling by No Comments

The only feeling better than winning it big at the casino is thinking about all the ways you can spend that money! When you watch the reel land on that last symbol you need or the ball land on your number, the feeling is… well, you might not know yet.

OK, so maybe the last time you tried to Play casino on Paddy Power you didn’t end up with a massive jackpot, and you’ve never gotten more than three numbers on the lottery before… But you never know! 

It pays to have some idea what you’d do if you suddenly had a windfall in the 7 digits. Would you be a smart investor or would you end up buying a lot of very, very expensive things you don’t need?

If you’re not sure, we have a quiz right here that’s got you covered. Just go through all the questions and see which answer draws you more. Do you have a careful plan for how you’d spend your funds or are you just going to spray gold over everything and hope it retains its value? 

Find out here!

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